From My Clients

Candace Kearns Read, an accomplished writer herself, read the early drafts of my manuscript and copyedited the later drafts. Her criticism and positive encouragement helped me see the book through to publication.

Steve Alfers, author, Lost Legacy

Thank you for all your wisdom and guidance. You are a great teacher, and the work done in your class has been so helpful. You give excellent advice, and don’t sugar coat, but at the same time install confidence.

Kelly McAllister, screenwriter, director, and playwright, Denver Center for Performing Arts

Candace Kearns Read is an extremely talented screenwriter and story analyst. Anyone intending to develop material based on ‘real life’ will benefit from her wisdom and experience.

Ben Press, Manager/Producer

I had no idea how much work writing a book was at the start of this project. Without the support of my brilliant writing and research partner, Candace Kearns Read, my book would never have come to life.

Chelsey Glasson, author, Black Box

Candace Kearns Read has a knack for whipping a weak script into shape. She is tough, but in the kindest way.

Jeff Woolnough, director, NCIS and Riverdale

As the personal manager of Anthony Hopkins, Dick Van Dyke and Faye Dunaway, I was introduced to Candace‚Äôs talents when she was with International Creative Management. Her story sense, grasp of the writer’s intention, and special gift for seeing elements, which, if developed, could carry the material to greater heights, was often stunning. Her criticisms were clear. In her candor, she was always constructive. When Anthony Hopkins moved to CAA we brought her into the fold to help us evaluate projects submitted to us through CAA. She worked closely with Sir Anthony in preparing notes on two feature films, which were ultimately produced. She also produced brilliant coverage on two unpublished novels.

Bob Palmer, Bob Palmer Public Relations

Candace Kearns Read is my #1 literary asset. Having worked at the highest agency level and being a very talented writer herself, Candace is the most talented script analyst I’ve come across after making over a hundred submissions to major studios and agencies. The greatest piece of advice I’d give any aspiring or working writer is to get notes from Candace.

Bret Carr, Writer/producer, RevoLOUtion, 2 birds with one Stallone

Candace’s detailed notes were supportive and insightful. Your suggestions were invaluable and made big difference. After making the changes you suggested, I went on to place as a finalist in five different writing contests!

—Tom Mitchell

Candace is a great writing coach. She clearly communicates what works and what doesn’t work in a direct yet empathetic tone. I feel confident to move forward with my writing and have a wonderful roadmap to do it.

Chris Guanieri

I’ve learned more from Candace than I ever did from any class, book, or “expert” I ever looked to for help. Her criticism is constructive, encouraging and enlightening

Jamie Cohen, screenwriter

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