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Are you looking for a writer or writing coach for your book idea or screenplay concept?
I have decades of experience helping writers develop their ideas into meaningful and compelling writing, and I’ve helped hundreds of writers conceptualize, draft, revise and polish their work to achieve their writing goals. My approach is to help you find the story you are meant to tell, and help you find the best way to tell it.
I specialize in concept-to-polished-draft writing and coaching and can help you get your project done no matter what stage of the process you are in.
My goal is to help you bring out the writer within you and to empower you to discover and accomplish all of your creative writing goals, including the successful publication and marketing of your work.


* BOOKS: Get your business, self-help, memoir or hybrid book written

* SCREENPLAYS: Get your features, pilots, episodes, treatments and pitch bibles written and polished


* BOOKS: Business, self-help, memoir & hybrid
* SCREENPLAYS: All genres, features, pilots or episodes, treatments & pitch bibles


* BOOKS: Make your business, self-help, memoir or hybrid manuscript the best it can be
* SCREENPLAYS: Develop and edit excellent features, pilots, episodes, treatments & pitch bibles

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